Pro Kabaddi League (PKN) is the main domestic cricket tournament of the Kargil district in India, aiming to broaden the awareness of the sport. The first season was played in May 2020 and concluded in June 2020.

The second season of the tournament was played from August till November 2020, and it was considered as an integral part of Kargil district tourism. This time round, a Zone System was implemented with each team playing fifteen intra-league and seven inter-league matches, before the play off.

Since there are numerous teams involved in the tournament, the focus of this article will be on the six teams of Kargil district. We will focus on their recent achievements and what can we expect from them in the next season of PKN.

Kerala Trivandrum: This team is the most prominent from Kerala. It has qualified for this season because of their performances in the recent IPL tournament held in Chennai. This team has had a good performance in the tournament, having beaten the top side Mumbai Indians in the quarter final and beaten the other top team Chennai Super Kings in the semi final.

Kalingapatnam: The top team from Kerala, also known as Kerala Blasters, have had an excellent performance in the tournament. Their recent achievements include a win over the Indian champions Chennai Super Kings in the quarter finals and beating the top team Mumbai Indians in the semi final.

Kerala XI: Another team from Kerala is also in the tournament this year. They had an impressive run during the first two seasons and reached the quarter finals of the tournament but failed to get out of the group stages, where they were defeated by Chennai Super Kings.

Hyderabad: The second team from Kerala is also part of this season of PKN. and has also made it to the semi final. Qualification for this season has come from their recent performances, which include a win against the Indian champions Chennai Super Kings and beating the top team Mumbai Indians. in the semi final.

For the next season, the focus is on the five teams of Kargil district. who are still considered the favourites, so expect an exciting season of PKN.

Kerala XI: The team of Kerala has qualified this season for the tournament because of their consistent performances in the past few seasons of PKN. Though their last year in the tournament was not a success, they still managed to get out of the group stages of the tournament. This will probably be the last season that this team will play in this tournament.

Kalingapatnam: The team of Kerala also qualifies for this season because of their consistent performances. Although they lost the recent IPL tournament in Chennai, they were still able to beat their opponents and get to the quarter finals of the tournament.

Hyderabad: The team of Kargil district, the champion from Kargil district, is also considered as the favourites. but it will take some time for them to show their true colours in the tournament.

Hyderabad: This team is another team from Kerala that is expected to perform well in the next season. they won the IPL tournament without any trouble and will face their competitors in the semi final.

As far as the favourites to go, both teams of the region are expected to be in the final of the tournament and this will be the last season for each team. So expect an exciting season of PKN.

Kovalam: The last team of this season to qualify for this tournament is the team of Kerala. They have beaten a good team of Chennai and have also defeated a strong team of Mumbai in the IPL semi final and qualified to the final.

It will be a big challenge for the team of Kerala to beat a team like Hyderabad who have been playing well all season. and have the experience of winning many games in the IPL.

Kargil: The team of Kerala is the one that has qualified for this tournament for the first time in its history. and they have beaten a good team of Kargil district in their previous tournament to get to the semi finals and qualify for the final.

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