The book, The Pro Kabbadi 7 Day Detox Diet is written by Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv. This is the first book in the new Kabbalah series that focuses on a seven-day diet for the Jewish people. It is written in a very conversational style with a lot of humor sprinkled throughout.

The author is going to teach his readers how to use Jewish laws regarding food and Kosher rules to their benefit. He also shows us how to use our daily prayers to cleanse our bodies of our addiction to refined sugars, caffeine, and alcohol. The seven-day diet will allow us to return to the pure and simple goodness of the Jewish people. After this series, I am sure that other authors will be trying to take this basic knowledge and use it in their books and other publications.

Kosher rules and regulations are discussed in this book. They are divided into sections that are listed below: Onions – kosher, Canned – kosher, Salted – kosher, Spices – kosher, Garlic – kosher. The book discusses the best ways to store your vegetables and how to avoid the use of high-sugar foods in your diet. The book even includes a section explaining how to make homemade ketchup.

The author talks about the different kinds of oils that can be used to cook food and what types of fats to avoid. He also mentions the benefits of eating fish regularly. The author also shows you how to eat garlic, onions, dill, and spices without feeling guilty about it.

The author talks about the Jewish laws surrounding meat, dairy, and alcohol. There are three chapters that explain the importance of these foods for each one of us. The book also mentions how to care for the animals on the farm while still being able to enjoy the meat that you eat. The author gives you a brief overview of the Kosher rules for preparing fish and other types of seafood. This is a must-read for any kosher Jew.

In the last chapter, the author talks about using Kabbalah in our daily life. He gives us an overview of how to use Kabbalah as we do things in our daily life. We get to learn how to use Kabbalah to heal our body and soul. The book ends with a list of guidelines for each day.

This book was a definite must read for me as I am already familiar with the basics of Kabbalah and the author of the Kabbalah series. It’s a quick read and I’m looking forward to more in the future.

This review is my opinion only and should not be considered medical advice. Consult your doctor for your own medical concerns.

The book review was written by an anonymous source, but I believe it was published by the publisher of “Kabbalah Secrets Revealed” which is a great Kabbalah book. I have found the “Kabbalah Secrets Revealed” series to be very helpful and very informative.

The book review gave me a lot of insight into the importance of the book to someone like me who doesn’t know much about Kabbalah. It provided me with ideas on how I can apply my knowledge to my daily life. I especially liked the section on what Kabbalah does for our bodies.

The author is an Israeli Jew who has traveled extensively and studied Kabbalah in Israel. I believe that it’s important for someone who wants to deepen their knowledge of this sacred Jewish system to study the work of this author. It shows me how to apply the concepts taught in this book.

I would definitely recommend this book to a friend or anyone else who has just started learning about Kabbalah. I plan on reading the other books in the series.

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