The matchup between Terence Crawford and Amir Khan is never perfect, but it is definitely fun

The game has not yet begun, as well as the very first press conference prior to the match has not even started. However, Terrence Crawford will undoubtedly be a favorite candidate to win the match against Amir Khan on April 20 from the eyes of the outside world.

Throughout Crawford’s career, he ranks among the best in most boxing championships. But, Amir Khan, he hasn’t been active in recent years. In the previous 4 years, he’s only played 4 games, including two games in 2018. This is his because 2014 For the first time playing multiple games at precisely the same calendar year.

Crawford is a fighter in boxing, known as the improved version of Mayweather. His characteristics are agility, competence, great endurance and strength. Obviously, Amir Khan is also quite agile and an excellent boxer, but it’s well known that his weakness is his delicate jaw.

So, if Crawford hits Amir Khan’s chin and hits a heavy punch during the match, then…, the match is over, everyone should not be surprised.

Actually, like most people who eat melons, FAN is readier to watch Crawford play against winners. For instance: Errol Spence Jr., Keith Thurman or Sean Porter, or Mickey Garcia, Manny Pacquiao or even Vasily Lomachenko. It’s fascinating to compete with these fantastic players. At least these games are more exciting than Crawford’s match against Amir Khan.

First of all, whether or not you win or lose, FAN will give Amir Khan up a horn and praise him as a man. Second, regardless of how this really is a game between two boxing champions, the game is always very interesting. Especially Amir Khan’s incredibly quick hands and his openness to exchange fists, even though he couldn’t endure the final outcome.

I’m reminded of the 2010 match between Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana, where Amir Khan commanded the situation until the 10th round of this game. But insanity ensued in the next game, but Amir Khan was able to stand up when the final bell rang and won the match by unanimous conclusion. That game was quite intriguing, and there have been many similar cases in Amir Khan’s career.

Actually, Amir Khan’s performance is similar to a bomb, which might or may not explode, but it is always exciting. You will be thinking from start to finish, once the critical blow will happen.

When there is no such surprise, Amir Khan will generally win by ruling. Formerly, he had just lost one game that ended in a judgment, which was the game against Lamont Peterson at December 2011. But, Amir Khan never admitted he lost this game. He believes referee Joseph Cooper stole his victory because the referee deducted two things from him.

The problem is that if the time bomb explodes, it’s yourself. From the 2012 match against Danny Garcia, Amir Khan has promised his benefit. But was TKO in the 4th round. In addition, he performed very well against Mexican boxing superstar Sur Avarez in 2016, but had been knocked out in the 6th round.

When it’s a victory or a fiasco, Amir Khan’s sport is not boring. I don’t feel that the April 20 match against Crawford will probably be no exception.

I don’t think this game is suitable for Amir Khan’s style. Crawford’s strategy and texture aren’t bad, and he has a clear edge on the body.

Thus, Crawford is very likely to punch regularly and play with the game step-by-step. Although Crawford does not have some special strength, he’s strong enough to hurt Amir Khan’s poor jaw. We know this means what.

I suppose Amir Khan will develop into another stepping stone in Crawford’s defending Golden Belt Series. Even Amir Khan’s loyal fans will support this opinion.

However, we hope to provide Amir Khan a chance.

He is not old, just 32 years old, one year older than Crawford, so there is no disadvantage in age and physical fitness. More importantly, I think he is more comprehensive than a few folks think.

He’s won the name of welterweight champion three occasions. His defeats will comprise Marco Antonio Barrera, Bory Mariniagi, Marcos Medina, Zab Judah, Luis Colaso ​​and Devin Alexander.

He has the resume, qualities and experience of an superb boxing champion.

Perhaps, the speed of Amir Khan can cause Crawford more difficulties than we believed. Perhaps he will be more challenging to hit than we believed. Maybe he can hit Crawford using a heavy punch in the market.

In summary, I am pretty sure that if Crawford defeated Amir Khan, even though he ended the game with a pinch, nobody immediately or pay TV viewers would feel they were wasting time and money.

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