How a 17-game NFL season clears the path for Jerry Jones, Cowboys to host another Super Bowl

NFL owners voted Tuesday to expand the regular period from 16 to 17 matches, a milestone change which, beyond the evident effect on the Cowboys’ 2021 program, eliminates a hoop by which the Cowboys had to leap so as to host their next Super Bowl at Arlington.

The team generally schedules a record of global games every year in hopes to increase interest from the NFL around the globe. Most staff owners, however, are hesitant to forfeit a match in their home arena to support the initiative.

In 2014, the NFL commissioned a policy to enhance club involvement from the International Series. Any franchise which won a Super Bowl hosting bid became necessary to play one home game in London in five decades of their bidding’s approval.

They have not done so because Feb. 6, 2011, and also their oldest plausible chance for the occasion’s yield is February 2027. However, when he can avoid it, then owner Jerry Jones would like to not export a house match from AT&T Stadium from the procedure.

He will avoid it.

Tuesday’s schedule resolution contained language which eliminates Super Bowl host teams out of their obligation to ship a house match overseas.

“This provision was added to truly get the initial International Series off the floor and making certain there was stock,” explained Chris Halpin, NFL executive vice president and chief strategy and expansion officer. “It was a part in return for a Super Bowl, there are a match overseas. The fact is now that we have committed long-term stock and volunteer teams such as the Jaguars, that will continue to get a long-term devotion to London…we do not need that Super Bowl devotion to stock.”

Jones isn’t off the hook completely.

No NFL proprietor is.

A 17-game schedule supplied that the Celtics a novel means to export house games. Starting this year, the 17th game is going to be an interconference matchup. Every AFC team picks up an excess home game in 2021 from an NFC team. That will alternate annually; NFC teams is going to be the individuals who play with a ninth home match in 2022 versus a interconference opponent.

Beginning in 2022, four of those 16 interconference games will be played globally, and there’ll be a spinning so that, in an approximate span, every NFL club will sponsor a minumum of one interconference game overseas.

A visit to the Patriots’ Gillette Stadium creates a difficult Cowboys street schedule much harder.

The schedule of times and dates will not be finalized until later this spring.

With the enlarged regular season, the conventional preseason has been shortened from four to four matches.

However, this season, the Cowboys will perform . Afterward, they will play their habitual 3 exhibitions.

Every NFC staff in 2021 will perform two preseason games in the home and you on the street.

Every AFC team, due to the excess home game during the regular season, will play 1 exhibition in your home and two on the street.