Fitness in the Park a free way to stay active and healthy in the city

The school year is over, but summer is upon us and if you’re seeking ways to get your kids and yourself to be active take a look! Fitness in the Park is coming back for its third season which will run from now until September. 18 and The program brings a variety of sessions to thirteen parks throughout the city.

People of all ages can participate in classes such as Zumba, Latin salsa, self-defense, hip-hop and other classes. Fitness in the Park is an initiative of Worcester’s city Worcester and its sponsors, including You Inc., the YWCA, You Inc, and many others. The program was designed to encourage active living, healthy eating and building community in the city.

Maria Fernandez-Domique who is Director of Public Affairs for Blue Cross Blue Shield, says the program is focused on “health justice, environmental justice, food justice and racial inequality.” Black and brown communities have the greatest level of inactivity, so programs like this provide opportunities for communities that are not served to access services that encourage healthy physical, mental and social health .

AJ Stephens, also known as “Coach Beast,” taught the students how to shoot and dribble in Basketball Skills and Drills at Bell Hill Park. He claims that”I “just wants to see kids playing outside again.”

“I want to see more young girls come out, learn and engage in a sport,” said Stephens. He is the general director in charge of The Worcester Majors Basketball team who attended to support the organization and put on a fantastic dance performance at the end of the show.

For those involved in this program, it’s obvious that this is an important job which will build solid relationships between the youth the city, municipal officials and other influencers who will lead them to make their lives more open to new possibilities.

There’s a feeling that this program could have significant impact on the life of a child in teaching them to make better choices, since when you exercise more, you feel healthier, which helps improve one’s general well-being and happiness.

In the ceremony, the sponsors talked about their love for community health and structure. They are delighted to keep this program going and are hoping to see it grow over the next few years. The YWCA will provide free memberships during the program to those who take at least three classes. Debra Hall director of operations at the YWCA she laughed with joy as she announced “Come use our big pool!”

The City’s Acting Manager Eric Batista came and shot hoops with kids The crowd was enthralled after he made the first shot he ever took. Batista was greeted by the crowd and took photos with participants, reminiscing fondly about his childhood in Belmont Hill.