Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield admitted to being shocked that his father Odell Beckham Jr. has slammed him on social media. Mayfield claimed he’s not been in touch with Beckham’s father since. Browns player since his post became viral.

“Naturally Mayfield wants his son to be successful. It’s not his fault for this,” Mayfield said. “I would like Odell to be successful. We were there — or at the very least at least that’s what I believed.”

Beckham may have played his last game for the Browns Beckham’s representative is in talks in talks with Cleveland General Manager Andrew Berry on the next steps for the wide receiver.

Beckham was advised not to participate in the Wednesday practice after his father uploaded an Instagram video Instagram that highlighted instances where Mayfield did not play the ball for Beckham when he was in open. Alongside other remarks that he made Odell Beckham Jr. replied by putting 3 green marks on the comments of a post which said Mayfield was “either either hating Odell or does not want him to shine.”

Beckham Sr. also responded by tweeting “#bigfacts” to a tweet in which he described Mayfield “mediocre.”

who laughed off the claim that he deliberately did not throwing Beckham’s way this season. 

the fact that Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski told players earlier during the morning that Beckham was not part of the team at present because the two sides worked on a solution to resolve the issue, as NFL journalist Michael Silver first reported.

“If there’s a chance that he’s back, we’ll get him out of the way and be prepared to do whatever it takes,” Mayfield said. “I can take my pride and ego on the back burner to succeed. Because all I’m concerned about , winning. If we don’t, we’ll stick with the guys that we have. They’ll know they can count on me completely and they’ll be aware that I’m always there for them. And that’s what makes me a leader and quarterback I am.”

When asked if he would believe in Beckham once more, Mayfield said he would have to talk about the issue with Beckham before he could answer the question.

Stefanski told reporters prior to Wednesday’s practice in the afternoon that he had also not had a conversation with Beckham during the last 24 hours.

Beckham made one catch of 6 yards during Sunday’s 15-10 defeat to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mayfield did try to target Beckham once more late in the game, however Beckham jumped into the air with only one arm but failed to get down for the catch.

Cleveland’s passing game has been struggling lately in recent weeks, as the Browns have dropped to 4-4, and are last on the AFC North standings. Mayfield is at 27th place in QBR (42.2) as well as has just seven touchdowns in his passing. Beckham however, is as 151st in NFL with regards to receptions for each target, and 139th in the number of receptions per run.

Both players have suffered shoulder injuries this season.

Mayfield stated that he’d talked about the incident with Pro Bowl wide receiver Jarvis Landry Beckham’s best player on the team regarding the incident.

“We did not go into too many details , because I don’t want to draw a line between them in any way. This is not what I’m trying to accomplish,” Mayfield said. These are the kinds of people, the kind of determination we need to be able to count on at this moment.”

Mayfield as well as Beckham have been struggling with their relationship since the Browns swapped Mayfield for Beckham in the offseason of 2019. Since then, they’re in the 57th spot of the 62 quarterback-receiver teams with at least 100 targets, according to ESPN Stats & Information research. They rank 59th for the percentage of completion (55 percent) while they rank 60th on off-target percentage (27 percent). Mayfield has also missed and crossed overthrown Beckham at 27% of the throws which is the third highest rate in 2019 for any receiver or quarterback.

“Unfortunately it’s an aspect of work that isn’t very enjoyable,” Mayfield said of getting ready for a game amid the tension. And I would say that the primary thing to me is to raise the level of my teammates surrounding me. The ability to bring the focus back to football is vitally important. This is something which is individual to each player.

“There’s no manual on this issue. You can talking to people, seeing how they feel about it and then keep your eyes open as there are issues that, as everyone else is aware, can be a source of division or it could be an expression of unity.”