Manny Pacquiao’s Son Bounces Back With Boxing Win

Emmanuel Pacquiao Jr. bounced back from his first loss of his career by winning in California last night. After three rounds of amateur fighting at Quiet Cannon Country Club, Montebello, he defeated Dylan Merriken.

It was a return to winning for Pacquiao Jr., who wants to follow the footsteps of his father Manny Pacquiao who is making a comeback. He was coming off his first loss in amateur sports.

Pacquiao Jr appears to be based in Los Angeles full-time and has been training at Freddie Roach’s Wild Card Gym. It was the camp that launched his father’s career, and made him a major international celebrity.

Although he isn’t sure if he will become a pro like his father, a Pacquiao surname has made him feel the pressure.

“At first I was just going into it and stuff quietly, but it (the attention), is inexorable. He said that he is trying his best and must get used to it.

Pacquiao Jr. says he takes his training seriously.

“I have been training constantly. I have been training for several months now and all I want is to get more experience and get better. We’ll soon see if I become a professional. He said that he was just trying to improve and get more amateur fights right now.

First loss

Two months ago, Pacquiao Jr. After securing a standing 8 count, it was a huge upset for Pacquiao Jnr.

Pacquiao Jr. won his fifth amateur bout last night, and has now won four. Jinkee Pacquiao was there to witness her sone raise his hand.

The Philippines doesn’t currently have a world boxing champion. However, the sport is still hugely popular and Pacquiao Jr’s career is being followed closely.

His father was born to poverty, and he had to live on the streets of General Santos City until he found fame and fortune in boxing. Although Pacquiao Jr. was born into a more fortunate upbringing, he seems to have inherited an indomitable streak.

He didn’t let his maiden loss depress him and will continue to work to improve on what has been an incredibly successful start to his amateur career.