YouTuber Jake Paul CANCELS boxing match against Tommy Fury

Jake Paul canceled his boxing match against Tommy Fury, claiming that Tyson Fury’s half-brother ‘wasn’t interested’ and ‘literally went into hiding’.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer was due to go head-to-head with Fury on August 6 at Madison Square Garden, but doubts over their fight started to creep in when the Brit was banned from travelling to America for their press conference.

Paul took to Twitter to announce that Fury had been issued a termination notice by him and his team after they did ‘everything possible’ to arrange the fight.

Paul posted on Twitter: “Fury has received a termination notice. MVP [Most Valuable Promotions] did all it could to help Fury and his team. He was not interested and he went into hiding.

He has pulled out for the second time in a row. 2nd time in succession he has pulled out. AUG 6. MSG.’

Fury replied by posting a statement to his Instagram. It said: “I am devastated and disappointed by the problems I have encountered with entry to the USA.

“This is something I or my team could not have foreseen.” My lawyers have been informed. Being denied entry to a country indefinitely is a serious matter that must be resolved.

“I am certain that this fight will take place when the issue is resolved and we reach a solution. I would like to clarify that I will fight in neutral countries that both sides can enter. This could be at any time, anywhere, and any place.

They were supposed to end their rivalry in December at Florida’s Amalie Arena, but Fury was injured and had to withdraw.

Their fight was rescheduled for 8/06 at Madison Square Garden. Fury ran into a problem when trying to enter America.

Fury was scheduled to fly to the United States to promote their fight, but was denied entry.

Fury recorded a video explaining why Fury was unable to fly to the United States last month to promote the fight.

He stated, “[I] wanted to] come here and set the record right before anyone else attempts to.

“Me and my team arrived at Heathrow Airport this morning ready for the press conference. We are now ready to fly out.

“And as soon I entered the airport, I got pulled to the side. The Homeland Security officer told me that my ESTA was denied and that I couldn’t travel to the USA due to a reason I don’t know.

“I can stand there and say that I have done nothing wrong, and I don’t know why I am not allowed to travel to America.”

“I have been training for a fight all my life and that’s what I’ve done. I don’t know why they won’t allow me to travel today, nor do my lawyers or my team.

“So now, I have to go to embassies and all that stuff, trying to resolve the issue and I’m still training, guys. I don’t understand why this has happened today. It is a huge shock to me, my entire team.

“Obviously, it is a matter which needs to be solved, it is government problems, it’s much bigger than the fight and I’m trying get it sorted, but I just wanted you to know where it was at.

Paul furiously tweeted that the setback in their attempts to face one another was a setback.

“My team and my partner have laid out the steps that you must take to solve your latest excuse. You can either take them or admit that you are a scared little b

Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions confirmed that the press conference was postponed because of Fury.

According to the statement, “Despite numerous assurances from Tommy Fury’s Team that he could travel to the US, and knowing Tommy was in California last month, we were shocked to learn that he had an issue at Heathrow Airport Monday.”

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Wednesday scheduled press conference at MSG has been canceled.

“We are currently working with our partners at SHOWTIME Madison Square Garden, and will share more information as soon we are able.

Paul used Twitter to update his fans about the situation on June 30, claiming Fury was hiding.

He said, “Tommy Fury is hiding.” B***h made. My team and Tyson Fury lawyer never reached out to me regarding setting up escrow for the $1M bet. “Never believed his brother. I instructed my team to perform a Hova (JayZ) and then move on to the next one.

He also shared a video that accompanied the interview in which he could be heard saying: “We have spoken with Tommy Fury’s attorneys, they are all telling him to go to the Embassy to get his visa.

“That’s all he needs to do. Tommy doesn’t seem to be in any hurry, he hasn’t left yet, and he isn’t communicating with us about what he is doing.

“This is yet another example of Tommy Fumbles being afraid to fight me. That’s my opinion. The Fury family is trying to manipulate me into fighting in the UK.

“You want me fighting in the UK?” Show me $15million. We do more PPV purchases, ticket sales, and sponsorships in America than any other country.

“I have shown you the money. We’re ready to go. MSG, August 6th. Tommy, are you going to miss your biggest pay day because you want me go to the UK to work?

“I’ll go there, just show me the money, but you can’t.” This is very embarrassing. This is embarrassing.

Paul gave Fury a deadline and claimed that the fight would be stopped if Fury didn’t attend the American Embassy before Wednesday morning.

He tweeted: “Tommy is officially out by Wednesday Morning if he does not go to the Embassy/come out from hiding,” Paul wrote. There were three other opposition candidates. I’m built different.’

Paul posted on social media to confirm that Fury had received a termination notice after the Wednesday deadline expired.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer is now said to be planning for a fight against heavyweight Hasim Rahman Jr.

Although Rahman Jr. hasn’t fought any big names, he did build a 12-1 record. However, his father knocked out Lennox Lewis in 2001 to win the world heavyweight title in what was one of the most dramatic upsets in the sport’s history.